Spotted Owl

VO: If you’ve been to Original Joe’s on Wednesdays for Half-Off H**p Day, we thank you. More importantly, the Canadian Spotted Owl thanks you. With half-priced drafts, we’re printing smaller receipts. When we print smaller receipts, we use less paper. When we use less paper, they cut down fewer trees. And when they cut down fewer trees, the Canadian Spotted Owl has a home. So from Original Joe’s and the Canadian Spotted Owl, we thank you!

OWL: (sound effect) Who.

VO: Them.

OWL: (sound effect) Who.

VO: The..(pause as if not finishing the word “them”. Quickly sigh in frustration) I am not playing this game with you.

VO: Come enjoy half-priced drafts at Half-Off H**p Day every Wednesday at Original Joe’s.