Script submitted by juliannawasserman

Voice Over Script
Feminine Care Products:
I…I am a real woman 
I take the subway 
I run for miles, 
I do my hair 
And I get my period.
So if you’re looking for the damsel in distress kind of a gal-you can go elsewhere until then I’ll be wearing carefree pads.

American Sports (upbeat, aspiring):
These are the years to be free.
To be foolish. To create. To fail. To be brave.
(To seek out what’s next).
To get lost.
To find yourself.
To write… your history.
Be you. Run nike club.

Travel Tease (Upscale):
Here, the everyday vanishes. Your thoughts—a little clearer. Your appetite for life—a little sharper. And this mountain— just a beautiful under summer flowers as it is under winter snow. Aspen is a one-of-a-kind resort. Unhurried. Carefree. And cozy, like an Alpine Village under a starry night.

Perky Cosmetic
Life can be so crazy. Don’t sacrifice your skin!! Try Eterna Plus Foundation from L’Oreal. It’s the first foundation that actually improves your skin—every minute you’re in it. For flawless coverage, and even better looking skin. Eterna plus foundation.