Princess BubbleGum

I was formed in the Mother Gum. My mind and my gum were in touch with dozens of others, like a crowded w**b. I guess I miss that. People get built different. We don’t need to figure it out, we just need to respect it.

Ha-Ha! It worked. Your name’s Aunt Molly. And you’re cousin Chi-Clay, and finally- Uncle-Gumbald!

One of the first things I did after making sure Netty was safe, was to start making the candy people. All the candy people are like my children. Except young Mr.Cream Puff. He’s like my boyfriend. Anyway…protecting my people is the most important thing to me. They rely on me. I can’t imagine what would happen to them if I was gone…and after my brush with death at the hands of a Lich… (yawns) I realized something. I’m not gonna live forever.

PB: If I change myself back to my real age… I can reclaim the throne.
Finn: What? No! I mean… uh… you can do that? Then why did you wait so long?
PB:: Because being 13 again is… blooba-looby!
Finn: Hm?
PB: Well being 18 is all plopped-dumped-and waggle zaggs. I never really get to act like a kid… but that’s okay! Really. My people need me, and that comes first.

Finn, sometimes, you want someone. And you want to kiss them… and be with them. But you can’t, because responsibility demands sacrifice.

I’m trying to be less mean. That’s why I’m starting fresh with a new kingdom out here. Just me, Pepp B**t, some pretty stars…

I never meant to hurt anybody with my space program. It was supposed to seed new candy kingdoms on uninhabited planets… in case Oo goes straight up d**g-bongles. Cuz, confidentally, there’s a lot of ways that can happen. And when it does…maybe I won’t look so crazy after all.

The Candy Kingdom’s supposed to be a reflection of me… but it turns out… I don’t know who that is. I’ve lived my whole life while having this talent I knew nothing about. I’m a scientist! And I ignored crucial data about myself!

Finn…we all love how sweet you are. But sometimes we just have to buckle down and do things the u**y way. I’m doing it… I’m sounding the war horn!