Poppy Pupurup

January 31, 2022

Poppy Pupurup was a popper in Port Pound. Poppy Pupurup was indeed poor, he purpounded a plot to his penny pinching patron in order to promote his plan to please his pets. You see I have a purple puppy and a puny penguin named Peppy who have polished off plenty of pounds of produce. If I postpone passage to my pulchritudinous pad I will probably be promoted to prime p****e porter. Please!

Poppy Pupurup padded pronto to his Pied-a’-Terre post haste and promptly perceived the pungent particulate that precipitated the production of a prodigious puddle of p*e. Peeking in his prime parlor he perused a pair of pensive pets parked in proxima to the pernicious pool of p**s. Poppy Pupurup peered primarily at Peppy the puny penguin and in post peered at the purple puppy who plopped pessimistically to le plancher. Peppy the puny penguin paced from pillar to post in a perplexing pantomime of pleading and passionate positioning.
(I’m innocent!) Peppy the puny penguin puled. Poppy Pupurup pivoted his perspective to the pitiful purple puppy who played the part of the pure, pleading patsy. Perplexed, Poppy Pupurup pondered his predicament. Peppy the puny penguin proceeded to point his pointy, protrusive protuberance at the poor purple puppy named Puddles. (I’m sorry) said the purple puppy named Puddles.

Poppy Pupurup perambulated across the parquet and prostrated to the purple puppy named Puddles. A A Pardon pleaded Poppy Pupurup. I had purposed to purchase puppy pads but my petty proprietor perpetratrated a pilferage on my pay. The purple puppy named Puddles and the puny penguin named Peppy plotted to placate Poppy Pupurup by pleading their point as profound.
Poppy Pupurup, the purple puppy named Puddles and the puny penguin named Peppy all purged the planks and then proceeded to play and pounce into the Pm.

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