One-Hour BizBriefs

Finding the right people involves the passion they have for the work they do and looking beyond the “conforming school” degree credentials. Don’t get me wrong – going to school and learning is beautiful, but there are lots of training resources online that can be used to self-teach motivated individuals. Therefore always look towards passion of hobbies.

Enjoying what you do is very rewarding to both the business and the employee because it ensures a trusting and lasting relationship. Teamwork is best, and bringing people together on projects are what allows masterpieces to shine through the cracks. Team members should be a good fit to each other to ensure the business operations are good. Believing the common goal of a project and the reasons for working is rewarding as long as there are no fine print contracts that cause a break in trust.

Balance is key – family life and working life should be almost one in the same. More time to family and self, then to work makes for a happier worker who has the freedom they need to live. Everyone just wants to be happy, but everyone has different expectations. Getting peoples feedback’s and revising schedules periodically to ensure things are well will help ensure lasting relationships where people are happy.

Sometimes the screen door is not a door, but a mirror grid into a gateway across multiple time frames throughout history in alternate vibration dimensions. Time is not a dimension, but rather a wave of possible future adaptations to lead to success of creations indefinitely. All sound is not heard, all sight is not seen, and all ways (always) lead to a sine (sign). (pun intended) Waves Hand – Thomas James Stevens

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