Nuts — The Fun Food

Director’s Notes:

This week’s contest is a redo from last week.

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We are casting a quirky character to be the new Mr. Peanut – think silly, jolly and wise. This will be a 3D animated commercial that will play in IMax theaters across the country. It’s a fresh take on the classic Mr Peanut. The character will make several human-type sound effects – at the end of your audition read include one of each of the following: grunt, ahem, sneeze, jolly giggles (a small jiggle, a medium jiggle and a big old grand jolly giggle), and a silly yippee. Please insert no more than one second pause between each sound effect. No slate.

Script Title:

Nuts — The Fun Food


Nuts — the fun food. Now that nut prices are down, buy them in quantity. And turn your home into a real nut house. NUTS — the fun food.