My Bit

MyBit is a community driven platform to manage and secure assets by adding an ownership layer to the internet.

We believe that Blockchain will be a foundational technology in the near future and we are leveraging it to its fullest potential to revolutionize asset management and ownership.

By utilizing Blockchain Technology we are able to create a solution that eliminates a single point of failure risk and puts the power of ownership back into the hands of the people.

Computer code guarantees the execution of tasks exactly as described, eliminating the need for third-party brokers, escrow agents, and trust managers. This makes it faster, easier, and cheaper to conduct business.

Our token enables people to actively participate and vote in the development of our platform and in return be rewarded for their contribution by partaking in profit sharing.

MyBit is built on Ethereum – A leading blockchain technology with a thriving community of innovators. Ethereum extends functionality beyond traditional Blockchains with Smart Contract Technology, which is poised to transform current business models.

Our Goal is a global platform governed by a forward-thinking community of technology pioneers that solves the issue of inefficient asset management and trade. MyBit is more than groundbreaking technology, it is the beginning of a massive shift towards decentralization and self-governance.