Isofarian Guard- Temnota

“The Stonebound do not exist!”

“Such disrespect is unbecoming in one of your stature. I’d be more careful, especially after espousing such heresy.”

“Well then, show us the truth.”

“Simple tricks for fools!” sneers Temnota, but you can see that she is visibly shaken. “You make a mockery of our way of life and will bring ruin on us all. Sire, you know that King Joram will bring all-out war to us if he even suspects that we have found this power.”

Temnota raises her voice again, “Sire, we cannot afford to go to war over one delusional captain. Captain Grigory has proved his heresy by his own actions. To claim there is a power other than that given to us by Uvidet is blasphemy worthy of death!”

“That’s enough from you!” Temnota yells. “Guards, you heard the King. Captain Grigory is hereby banished from Isofar. Take him away.”

Temnotas’ eyes widen slightly before she narrows her gaze to give you a withering stare. “Be safe Captain Grigory.”