Historical Documentary

(informative, engaging read):
Death and destruction from the Civil War found the country anxious to move forward. As the nation struggled to recover, the age of the great industrialists in steel, railroads, and other enterprises dawned. But in the American South, life was a daily struggle. Federal troops, Reconstruction, and carpetbaggers controlled the former Confederate states. A greatly depressed economy made the former aristocracy poor and the land poor even poorer.

(more lively read):
“In the 1920s, women received the right to vote and Prohibition became the law of the land. The stock market boomed, Bootleggers prospered and the Jazz age ushered in a sense of free spirit. The South surpassed the North in textile manufacturing and the rapidly expanding industry not only changed the way Southerners worked, but the way they lived. Instead of farming and being outside at the call of the seasons, they worked to the rhythm of the weave room. Click clack. Click clack.”