Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

It is the fruit of a huge amount of work and passion
and incorporates our most innovative technologies
working with the best technological partners in the world.

This is an extraordinarily high performance car.

It’s 740 horsepower, in fact
make it the most powerful road car Ferrari has ever built.

Aside from performance, our other focus was weight reduction.
Using aluminum to produce a car
that’s not only more rigid and therefore safer
but also more compact and very, very light.

Efficiency was another area in which we concentrated
And the result is a car that has made huge strides
in terms of fuel consumption and emissions.

Each and every detail has been
meticulously designed and executed.

It brims with personality and innovative styling
developed with the aid of intensive wind tunnel testing
and adopting pioneering solutions.

The result is a very beautiful car.
Here is the F12 Berlinetta.