Doctor De Soto, by William Steig

Doctor De Soto climbed up the ladder and bravely entered the fox’s mouth. “Ooo-wow!” he gasped. The fox had a rotten bicuspid and unusually bad breath.

“This tooth will have to come out,” Doctor De Soto announced. “But we can make you a new one.”

“Just stop the pain,” whimpered the fox, wiping some tears away.

Despite his misery, he realized he had a tasty little morsel in his mouth, and his jaw began to quiver. “Keep open!” yelled Doctor De Soto. “Wide open!” yelled his wife.


“I’m giving you gas now,” said Doctor De Soto. “You won’t feel a thing when I yank that tooth.”

Soon the fox was in dreamland. “M-m-m, yummy,” he mumbled. “How I love them raw…with just a pinch of salt, and a…dry…white wine.”

They could guess what he was dreaming about. Mrs. De Soto handed her husband a pole to keep the fox’s mouth open.