DIY Practice Demo

Esurance (30)

If a phone rings at your car insurance company, and no one’s around to hear it… does it make a sound?

Or… if a tree falls on your car, and no one’s around to answer the call, do YOU make a sound?

The answer is probably… yes, and, like a howler monkey.

Unless you’re calling esurance. They have live humans on the line to help you 24/7.

So you might make different sounds, like happy human sounds.

Esurance. Insurance for the modern world.

Click or call.

KIA- Serious. (30)

How do you shelter in place when your home is the sidewalk?

Or wash your hands for 20 seconds, when there’s no soap or running water.

Right now, it’s even tougher for america’s homeless youth.

So we’re giving ANOTHER million dollars to help keep them safe.

Because we’re all in this together, and everyone deserves a fighting chance.

Introducing Kia’s accelerate the good program.

Arm & Hammer- Energetic (15). Talk fast

This is John.

John’s feet sweat.

He uses an ordinary powder that leaves him looking like this…

Don’t be John.

Use Arm & Hammer invisible spray powder.

Goes on clear, dries fast. Fighting sweat and odor all day.

Stay fresh without the mess with Arm & Hammer foot care.


What if Sprint could cut your rate plan in half?

And give you unlimited talk & text in the US and match your data?

Bring in your Verizon or AT&T bill, turn in your old phone, and we’ll cut your rate plan in half.

Visit us online or visit a Sprint store today.

VOLKSWAGEN (30) Retail

At Volkswagen we believe everyone deserves a better car.

And now during the sign then drive sales event, you’re closer to yours than ever.

Like the turbocharged Tiguan, the mid-sized Passat or the 34 highway MPG Jetta.

And every new 2014 Volkswagen comes with no charge scheduled maintenance.

All for practically just your signature. The sign then drive sales event is back.

And it’s never been easier to get a new Volkswagen.

Get 0 due at signing, 0 down, 0 deposit, and 0 first months payment on any new 2014 Volkswagen.

Hurry, this offer ends October 31st.