Commercial Demo

Dove Chocolate – Romantic/Sensual (Exploit vowels)
Made with 100% pure cocoa butter… from DOVE Bars to Dove ice cream… DOVE Chocolate is silky-smooth and offers a delicious, lingering taste to create the perfect essence of chocolate bliss.

Beard Trimmer – witty/sarcastic friend (Slower)
If you decided to grow out a five o’clock shadow into something more permanent, you’re probably wondering exactly how to groom that so it doesn’t look like a wizard beard—ya know, something that fits your personality. The answer? It’s written all over your face (exasperated)…or it will be, when you trim with the Brio Beardscape.

Fat Tire – friends w/ the founder (nearing snobby at the end)
After a trip to Europe, New Belgium’s co-founder returned to Colorado with a handful of ingredients and a simple idea. Today, Fat Tire represents a Renaissance of the American spirit, reminding us all to rediscover our roots. Fat Tire…only for the well-rounded character.

From racquets and strings… to agile kicks and sleek apparel, get Dunlop¬¬__before you crash on the court?! Dunlop…the #1 ball on tour.

The charcoal crowd swears their method imparts a magical flavor…and they’re right, but they’re wrong about where it comes from: It’s not actually from the briquettes themselves. Shocking, right?! So instead of paying top dollar on the inferior, stick to what you know is a classic. Royal Oak Ridge, hotly contested…simply, the best.