Character Voice experiment

Jack, the dog; barking at the neighbor’s dog, must use the bathroom and wants to go for a walk for exercise.

“Hey! I know I sound like I’m barking, but did you see that German shepherd over there? He’s teasing me because I’m so tiny, for a dog. I’m trying to talk to you about something important; I need my exercise, and so do you. Let’s take a walk today.

DJ; Commercial for Mclesterole’s
Come to Mclesterole’s and try our Triple Bacon and cheese Heart Attack Burger and triple fat fries! This Friday, for only fifty cents, at Mclesterole’s.
Eat for today, eat for the moment…
May as well, we’re all going to die soon anyways. Death by fast food, why not? …
Oh, is this thing still on? Oh yes, this Friday at Mclesterole…Eat for today, eat for the moment

Gullible Volcano guy
I was curious about where chocolate comes from and thought I’d see if the rumors were true, the one about volcanoes having an endless supply of chocolate. Mmm. Come on let’s go see what we find.
Woah, it’s hot, I guess the rumor isn’t true after all.

I understand. Being upset if I have lost as many hands as you. I’d be furious. But you need to understand, you can lose more than your money, son. Now put the gyn down and keep playin’, or leave while you still can.