Attorney Locators

It can be extremely difficult to locate an attorney in Central Florida these days. People just dont know where to look or who to call when they’ve been injured. Thank goodness for Attorney Locaters. They were able to find a personal injury lawyer in the Orlando area, who was even willing to give me a free consultation.
Looking back, I’ve come a long way since landing on my rear end in that Winn Dixie. I didn’t realize then, that the real pain in the b**t would come when I started tying to find a lawyer to take my case. I talked to everyone I knew…most of my friends just sit around and watch television all day, none of them knew of any lawer who would be willing to help a guy who had just been injured, through no fault of his own on the property of a multi million dollar corporation. Attorney Locators were able to work miracles for me. They’ll do the same for you. Give them a call at 1800 S***W, the number 4 U. That’s 1800 SCREW4U , 1800 SCREW4U.