A few various animation scripts

July 12, 2020

Popsi & Lucy: Fluent Frog
Popsi (Narrator): Once upon a time there was a little kid walking down the street.
Lucy: My name is Lucy.
Popsi (Narrator): She came upon a frog in the middle of the sidewalk.
Frog: Ribbit.
Lucy: Hello little frog!
Frog: Ribbit ribbit.
Lucy: (gasp) You are?
Frog: Ribbit (croak croak ) ribbit (croak).
Lucy: (chuckling) Oh, that’s interesting!
Frog: (continuing) Ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit!
Lucy: (pondering) Hmm… I guess it’s all in how you look at it…
Frog: (croak) Ribbit, ribbit!
Popsi (Narrator): This little kid had a very special talent: she could speak fluent frog.
Lucy: Well, it was very nice talking with you, little frog! I hope everything works out okay for you today. You have a good one, okay?
Frog: (croak)
Popsi (Narrator): What the two of them were talking about – I guess we’ll never know…

X-Men Animated Series – “The Final Decision”
Senator Kelly: Why did you bring me here? What do you want?

Magneto: Your life. You see, Senator Kelly, like you I believe that mutants and normal humans cannot live together in peace. The war for survival must begin now, while we mutants are strong, and you are still divided. Your assassination would have ignited that war. I flew to Washington to witness the beginning of a new age. But, the X-Men saved you. It is up to me to finish what others have started.

(sound of throbbing energy)

Kelly: No, please! I’ve got a family! Children!

Hi, University Mom!
(Witty) Hi, Mom, How were the undergraduate students today? Were they useful for once, or do you wonder why you went into work today at all?

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