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    This is a place for you to share with one another all the tips and tricks that you’ve discovered that have helped you in working remotely, especially during this time of pandemic.  Whether that is sharing workflow tips, equipment suggestions, or simply sharing your story.

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    Is an ISDN modem (router?) still the go-to equipment for connecting remotely to the client?

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      Adam Stone

      ISDN is slowly but surely going the way of the dinosaurs. If I’m not mistaken you have to do more than just buy a router – getting ISDN involves hiring someone to install hard lines, and you have to pay for the service to use it. Nowadays digital services like Source-Connect and ipDTL are taking over. They’re convenient, affordable, and easy to use, plus I’ve had (and heard) very few complaints about bugs or other tech issues. Check ’em out! Also, a simple phone patch or meeting software (e.g. zoom, skype, etc) will often suffice.

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