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    Andrew Warner
    Edge Studio Staff

    This is a place for all of the Edge Community members to share pictures and specs about their own home studios – this is your place to brag!

    Remember, this is a community forum that is centered around positive reinforcement – it’s not a place to criticize other peoples’ setups.  Get to sharing – we can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

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    Hi! I am just so happy to have a studio and it feels even more rewarding that I built my little workstation myself! My Audio Chain: PVC Booth w/ moving blanket, Rode NT-1 A w/ Pop Filter, PC, DAW is Audacity, Interface is Scarlett 2i2. What do you think for starters?

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    You wouldn’t believe how hard it can be to find a 26″ solid core door! Maybe that’s why the closet in my home office didn’t have one when we moved in. I have a goofy old house.

    So, I got the door on, with a lot of “customizing” which is a diplomatic way to say measure, shave, sand, swear, measure again, shave some more, swear some more, and so on. Two layers of moving blankets covering the doorway on the inside, and a bunch of spiffy looking foam, and this sucker gets a little warm in the summer, but it is vewwy quiet.

    Right now, I am using an AT 4040 condenser mic, a dbx286s into a Focusrite 2i2, and into my laptop which sits on a shelf below to mitigate any fan noise. I had some annoying hums and struggled with my noisefloor until I added a Furman M-8×2 power conditioner to my rack.

    All of my recordings backup to a network drive, and I have a desktop workstation where I do all of my editing

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    I haven’t any photos but here’s a run down of my equipment.

    Sennheiser MKH416
    SPL Channel One Preamp with optional Lundahl Transformers
    Marantz PMD570 Solid State Recorder for long form work
    Apogee Duet USB
    Apple Logic X
    JK Audio Bluetooth adapter for phone patch
    AKG K240 headset
    JBL LSR4328P DSP Monitors
    27″ iMac

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      I believe the Sennheiser Shotgun Mic was discussed in the Home Studio 101 webinar. Maybe someday!

      I have heard of JBL. Down the road, I do want to get some nice monitors!

      And one day I will have an iMac!

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        The JBL’s offer room correction via a microphone and software that adjust for the acoustics. David and the staff can probably advise you best when the time comes as there are now many brands that offer this function.

        The Sennheiser’s are used a lot in LA. If you watch the movie “In A World” with Lake Bell you will see them in a big studio out there. The movie is very funny and an interesting look at the voice industry.

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