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Hey Emily!

First off, I must say that your takes were great! I can definitely picture myself hearing this in the background with the TV on or YouTube playing somewhere. I do like how both of them sound conversational and overall friendly, but I’d say that you have to be careful with the vocalizations scattered throughout both audios. I’ve been told that it’s only natural for us to do so because we’d like to appear like we’re engaging with the listener, but we also have to be conscious about the editing process as well since some people are not a fan of them.

As for my pick on which take sounds better, I’d have to choose 2 as well. Though they both sound very similar to me, I like 2’s flow better, especially with the last part where you’re listing what 7-11 has and when they’re open. Also, I do like the beginning part of 2 with the starving part but the fire alarm situation of 1 sounds better, since both feel like they’re more natural to me. So yes, 2 is overall better, hope this helps!