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Stephen Winburn

Hello everyone! I am Steph, and this is my first real attempt at recording something for the forum after a long wait but I hope you won’t go too easy on me!
I’m looking into narration for my demo and I’m trying my hand at the Inspiration/Meditation scripts today.
I’ve uploaded 3 reads of the “Awaken Mental Freedom” found here in the script library.
The first is my neutral read: how I read it without too much self-direction or second guessing.
The second is focusing on slowing the tempo since that is something I was critiqued on in my coaching session.
And the third is shifting the tone of the piece to something a bit more actionable, we’ll say.

My only disclaimer is that I know for myself that I wasn’t sitting comfortably in my “signature voice” today, so if at any point you find yourselves thinking maybe a glass of water is what this reading needed, I think so too😂

Looking forward to the critiques🖤

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