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Hi All – Appreciate your feedback on these 3 scripts! Looking specifically for feedback on conversational read, pacing, and flow.


California Voiceover script
It’s easy to understand why the United States went to war to get California. A land full of wonders, where one man’s chance discovery triggered a mad rush for gold, and where a new generation of marijuana growers is testing the limits of the law. Full of ancient forests and volcanic forms and a valley that’s also the hottest place on earth.
Enjoy spectacular views along the Pacific Coast Highway or soar over beaches and wine country. Explore Big Sur redwoods and cross the Golden Gate Bridge into the heart and soul of this magnificent state. It’s a region full of character, from movie stars to silicon valley giants to amazing natural wonders. Join us as we visit the Golden State of California.

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary-Wells Fargo Voice Over Script
May 27, 1937. As evening descends to a chorus of oohs and aahs, where the night before stood only blackness, an icon of human accomplishment now illuminates the sky, and a new era of connectivity and commerce is ushered in with celebration and fireworks.
It was at that moment that the Golden Gate Bridge became an integral part of Bay Area life, as it remains to this day, an every day reminder that the Bay Area is a place where nothing is impossible, and dreams become reality.
The Golden Gate Bridge and Wells Fargo each continue to play leading roles in the growth and development of the Bay Area, and we’re honored to help bring the celebrations of the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary to life.
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Company Website Greeting
Meet Bob. Like 95% of car shoppers, he uses his computer, smartphone and tablet to shop for his next car. A few years ago, you could have reached Bob through traditional means such as Direct mail, TV or radio, and newspaper ads.Today, that simply isn’t enough. According to Google – consumers visit 18 websites on average – before stepping into a dealership.

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