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Hi Nikka,
I think you nailed the conversational tone on JIF. Very nice! A few small critiques:
1. At the very top, I think you rushed “My kids” just a touch, so that it gets buried. I think those words could use a little more emphasis.
2. “the” in the three leading brands gets muffled. This might get taken care of with a more sophisticated audio setup, but I do hear you drop your tone on that word, and the first time I listened I wasn’t sure it was a “the”.
3. At the end, JIF Peanut Butter – maybe try going up in intonation rather than down. After your great read, the VO seems to peter out.
Those are all small tweaks. Overall your read sounds very natural and conversational.
I would welcome your feedback on my Costa Rica VO, posted 10-27 at 7:57 EST. Thank you!