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Waninick, these are AMAZING. Your studio sounds top notch! It’s tough to give any feedback as since it’s SO good, I was really trying to listen super close for anything that could be helpful. Turning 100 was so sweet, I got nothing on that one. And loved how you fully played with Cactus Pepper Sauce! I would say to pull back on the accent just a bit so the words don’t get lost but, so fun! And I was totally sold on Flight 89B as well. Your voice is just perfect for that. I would say just to be careful the multisyllable words don’t get too muddy ie” approximately, identification, and the 2nd passenger I think it was? But that’s truly having to nit pick as they were just great. I’m also in love with your cat who’s a doppelganger for my sweet boy who left me this year. My heart just exploded.