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Hello Edge Friends!

Could you pls. take a listen and provide honest feedback on my 3 commercial reads attached? Appreciate it and thank YOU!

Maybelline Moisture Lipstick:
New Moisture Lipstick from Maybelline actually boosts the moisture level of lips. All day. So color stays luscious. And if that doesn’t s****e you, the formula is vitamin enriched. So the more you use it, the smoother your lips become. In 36 shades of reds, browns, and pales to l**t after. Maybelline Moisture Lipstick does for your lips what the French did for the kiss.

Popeye’s Chicken:
Got a cravin’ for Cajun? Come along for some New Orleans style fried chicken, cajun battered fries, and buttermilk biscuits. Love that chicken at Popeye’s.

Sesame Street Playhouse — Mattel:
It’s Sesame Street in the backyard. All the fun and imagination of Sesame Street is here. A playhouse with things to slide on, and wriggle through, and pretend to talk on, and play with. The outdoors is even more fun when Sesame Street is part of it. Now, there’s a lot of SESAME STREET for everyone’s backyard. It’s fun. Each sold separately…from MATTEL.

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