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Listened to your Charlie Chaplin clip a few times. It is really good! Sounds professional and clean in a lot of ways!
I noticed a few areas where as you went along the pacing and energy seemed to flag a bit. Also clearly pronouncing the “t” sound for certain words.

For the Hershey clip:
Volume was consistent throughout. Tone was good overall, could have a little more enthusiasm and emotion. Your starts are strong and impressive. You seem to loose a little steam and sorta settle into a more toned down version as you go along. Also watch out for which words your are emphasizing in the script. Make sure you are getting your message across.

The creativity clip is great! I can definitely sense your enthusiasm for the subject and that carries throughout the clip. There is a spark and vibrancy in this clip that is not quite there in the other ones. What I noticed in this clip was that some of your pauses between words/phrases seemed a touch too long.
Great stuff overall! Your voice has some really nice qualities to it and is pleasant and approachable sounding.