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Troy C

Hello! Looking for feedback on some narration scripts I’m playing around with for lessons. I was trying to focus on pacing (was I slow enough? Did I give the script time to breathe?) and articulating my “and”s and “to”s to make it sound crisper. Also played around with Audacity so as far as volume went so hopefully you guys can hear it well enough while simultaneously not having your ears blasted haha. Thanks in advance!

Ohio State Tour Video
“This is the historic Orton Hall.
Built in 1893, it’s like our very own Hogwarts.
It’s home to one of the quietest and oldest libraries on campus, and our own personal dinosaur.
As a Buckeye, you’ll grow to love the sound of Orton’s bells chiming across campus- a chronic 7 minutes off the mark of any clock. ….Relatable.”

Clovis Bray AI Lore (from Destiny 2)
“Can we trust an artificial intelligence to make the moral decision? The engineers of Clovis Bray conceived a solution during the development of our Warmind project. By relegating ethical decision-making to a Black Box Morality system, the Warmind instruments its own proprietary virtue quantifiers incomprehensible to even its own creators. The Warmind determines morality on its own terms, and by design we are blind to that process in order to preserve its objectivity.”

Air Purifier Tutorial
“To install a new capsule into your air purifier, switch the unit “off.” Then remove the new capsule from it’s protective wrapping. Open the capsule cap by turning in the direction opposite to that indicated by the arrow on the cap. Insert the capsule in the cap until the tabs catch the cap. Insert the complete cap into the air purifier. Turn the cap in the direction of the arrow. And then switch the unit back “on.” Your air purifier will now release a pleasant fragrance during operation. Either choose “repeat” to watch this demonstration again, or it will automatically close.”

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