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Hi L.Renee,
Nice reads overall.
For the Va-va-va-voom read, I think you’ll be able to add more energy to it, and really talk to whoever you chose as the listener (your friend, or your salon client) with a bit more sassiness!
For the meditation read, be mindful of the pausing in the middle of sentences, or pausing too long at commas. Even though it’s supposed to be a calming read, the pausing prevents it from flowing as well as it could.
For the anxiety read, be aware of the glottal stops at the start of the sentences (“Oh” and “I am…” and “EVerything…” and “ALways…” ). The announcer tag at the end was free of glottal stops. You can still have that imposing personality in the first part of the read, but without hitting those vowels too much.