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As part of my narration demo, I would like to include something from the true crime genre. These are my first two attempts. My wife says I don’t sound evil enough… I’d love to hear which one you all think is best and any specific pointers!

1. M****R FOR HIRE. It began, cops would tell Nancy, when they stopped a man named Aaron Wilkinson for a simple traffic violation. After spotting a gun in his car, deputies took Wilkinson to the station and were shocked when he told them he’d been hired to k**l a woman he didn’t even know. So who then who was the intended target? That’s right: Nancy Latham.

2. DISAPPEARANCE OF TANNER WARD. Tenton, Missouri, is too small of a town to get lost in. But one evening last June, 19-year-old Tanner Ward, engaged to be married, father to a precious baby girl, vanished into thin air. Tanner’s family desperately searches for him, and police follow up on every lead, but they’re all dead ends.

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