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Very nice voice. At around :19 secs in the first track, you hit “Business” pretty hard.
In track 3, around :11 “…need to know….to produce a…” The gap between “know” and “to” stuck out a little for me. (An easy edit fix).
There are some minor plosive issues…I mean minor but I think could still be mitigated some.
In track 1 “….Buying goods on line…” That B in buying. Sounds like it may be high-passed a bit which saves it some but I’m thinking more could be done with pop screens or mic position. Might be better to have more low end in your track and physically avoid the plosives.
I am also hearing some sibilance issues throughout. Again, back to the first time “Business” is read in track 1. Both S’s in that word.
A de-esser may help with that and possibly some EQ adjustments.
I pretty much like the performance throughout.

– touzet –