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Love the gravitas of your voice. I’m envious.

#1…I’m not sure of the intention here. There is a vivid word picture being painted here, but I’m not sure it’s coming through. Your delivery is good, I get the idea that this is supposed to be big and momentous, but I’m not sure why. May just need a little polish on the intention.

#2 was, by far, my favorite, especially when you hit your stride in the second sentence…that’s fun! If there’s a way to bring that same level of interest in the first sentence, man, you’ll have knocked this one out of the part.

#3 was nice to listen to, and it definitely sounded like you were playing to children, so right on, but I almost want to hear more of a sense of wonder about this. This is some cool stuff you’re talking about, especially with what we now know and what is possibly going to happen within our (or the kids that are hearing this) lifetimes.