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OK, so to kind of echo what Robert said, this really sound “read”. There were a lot of glottal stops and pauses that took the flow out of it, possibly from either over-enunciating words or trying to put too much emphasis on them. (I get called on this by my coaches on a regular basis, putting in pauses at places that don’t need them.)

In a few places, specifically “hunting” (sounded like “hunning”) and “consider” (sounded like “consinner”), the words were under-enunciated.

1) Try to make the read flow without the pauses and stops. (Don’t put commas in where there aren’t any, like between “day or night”.)
2) Who is this being read to? Why are you saying these words? Finding the intention will definitely help with the performance. (Believe me, I struggle with this constantly, it’s not easy, bu keep working at it!)