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Your voice is great! Overall Fantastic.

If you were really trying to press the criticism out of me, theres a couple of (mouth?) clicks from 0:06 to 0:09. I think like 3, but they’re pretty subtle so that’s just nitpicking. ((on second listen, that might be part of the bg music)) Other than that, the bg music selection was impressive but a little mismatched. The creepy crawly music leading up to the dramatic action style was really stellar, but then the funky music at the end kinda feels out of place. Ofc if it’s just for practice then don’t worry (maybe a demo or paid ad, consider consulting a pro); but if it is just for practice, I would warn against adding music and try to let your voice speak for itself (pardon the pun), at least for Voice-over forums. That way it’s easier to pick out smaller issues.

Like I said, I’m impressed.