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Good morning everyone. I’m trying to apply what I learned in speaking with a pro and all that I have been learning for narration. It is a LOT to think about while still trying to sound natural 🙂 I’m naturally a very enthusiastic and friendly reader, so I’m not sure how this fits with a “documentary read”. I know this might not be something I actually book in the real world. Any feedback is appreciated. Take care!


“For more than three decades, mankind has explored the mysteries of the universe from
a vantage point in space. Now we‘re turning space into a practical place to work. By the year 2020, NASA‘s space station is scheduled to give science a permanent platform in orbit. A place where researchers can examine our world from a unique perspective, and experiment under conditions of extreme temperature and weightlessness. In zero gravity, compounds can react in ways not possible here on Earth. Scientists can create better med- icines, more durable plastics, and stronger alloys made of metals that resist mixing under gravity‘s pull.”

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