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Hi Kathy! I like this read for you! I also like the over the top cheerleader tip first read, I’m going to use that too Burdahgirl! I agree too with the gestures as you are reading with your hands – I have to now take off my watch, which makes noise on the recording because it is a little loose and rattles. It somehow signals to your brain that what you are saying is more exciting, or somehow more real to you, hard to explain but it helps me. I think it did sound natural and conversational, so I would not worry about being an introvert.

The only critique I would say for this piece is that I did not hear any pause after “But, the outdoors…” I think the emphasis makes more sense if on the word “outdoors” vs. “always” because it goes on to say that LL Bean got his great idea while outside in the following sentence. Great job!