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Continued practice! Working with different copy and honing my performance skills, so any performance related comments would be great- although any comments are appreciated! I’m also working on decreasing the time needed to get a recording I am happy with, so part of this was an experiment to give myself fewer takes to get it right to hone my auditioning skills.

HersheyPark Christmas Candylane

HersheyPark Christmas Candylane is bigger and brighter than ever! New this year experience twice as many lights and holiday riders on Superdooperlooper, Wildcat, Cocoa Cruiser and Laff Track. As always, enjoy your favorite traditions including a visit to Santa and his nine live reindeer, a dazzling choreographed light show, ice skating, festive entertainment, and delicious holiday treats. Later, don’t forget to drive over to Hershey SweetLights for two miles of festive displays from the comfort of your car. Start planning your family’s visit today and discover your Hersheypark happy.

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