Reply To: Character


Hey there. So a few months back I attended Edge Studio’s intro class, called “Investigate Voice Over” in Atlanta. It lasted around three hours, your coach gives you a broad view of voiceover and its different genres/categories, then finishes with a short recording session where you do a cold reading of a provided script. A few days later you receive your evaluation, which tells how “marketable” they found you to be, and which genres of voice over you may be best suited for. They also provide you a list of additional courses they offer, as well as their prices, should you choose to move forward with them.

My evaluation was fairly positive, but of course I want to be wary of taking this at face value. While the whole experience felt very professional and gave me no bad vibes, they are of course a business, and the more money they get from me, the better.

To cut to the chase, I was wondering if anyone else who took this class from Edge could tell me about their own experience/evaluation? I’d love to pursue coaching and an eventual demo with them, but I just want to be sure they don’t tell every student the same thing to encourage them to come back, you know? I’d rather not post the eval in its entirety here, but if someone is in the same boat as me, I’d be happy to share mine so we could compare.