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For my Character Voice-Over demo and a session this upcoming Friday, my coach wanted me to practice the accent for Cockney and for Received Pronunciation (R.P). He also wanted me to keep all my characters sounding different from each other. Let me know what you think so far and I’ll look forward to feedback.

Script for the Magician in R.P
1) Ladies and gentlemen, this blade has been passed down through generations of magicians, like me. Its power is to be Respected and Feared. Very few may wield it. Oh no! What have I done?! (breaks off)
(Cuts off)
Script for Cockney Knight:
2) Sir Knight, you must save us from the dragon who swells in the Volcano…Why are you ‘iding behind your ‘orse? Mmmm. You ain’t a brave warrior at all. Oh, give me your sword and I’ll k**l it me self!

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