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Some Classic “Fake” Accents in Film and Television

Edge Studio

Do you agree? Disagree?

1. Hugh Laurie plays Gregory House on “House,” an American doctor. Though he was born in Oxford, England, he was able to fool everyone during his audition and ultimately landed the role.

2. Who can forget the beautiful film “Shakespeare in Love?” American Gwyneth Paltrow portrayed the character Viola de Lesseps and ended up winning an Academy Award for her British accent in the film.

3. In the movie musical “Chicago,” Catherine Zeta-Jones played Velma Kelly, an American woman who is in prison for the m****r of her husband and sister. When you hear her thick Welsh accent in real life, it is hard to believe how she pulled off an American so successfully.

4. Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his crazy accents, most recently seen in “Les Miserables” as Monsieur Thenardier. In my opinion though, his most beloved role was Borat, as he was able to maintain a consistent ‘Kazakstani’ accent in the film.

5. Remember the remake of “The Parent Trap” with Lindsay Lohan? Not only did she have a pretty believable British accent for a child, but she was able to switch back and forth seamlessly.

6. Though Daniel Dae Kim plays a Korean man with barely any knowledge of English on “Lost,” in real life he has a normal American accent. While he was born in Korea, he moved to Pennsylvania at the age of two.

7. Did you know that Health Ledger was actually Australian? You would never know from any of his films, as he immersed himself completely in his roles. Some say his most impressive film accent was in “Brokeback Mountain,” when he effectively played a cowboy.

8. Toni Collette, in “The Sixth Sense” is phenomenal not only because she mastered an American accent, but because she was able to correctly portray a “Philadelphia accent.” She really paid attention to details and gained more recognition for her performance.

And…Here are the opinions of some of our friends…

Doug Palumbo says, “Andrew Lincoln from ‘The Walking Dead’. I was surprised to learn he is British.”

Mike Cantor says, “Hugh Laurie did a good job with a Central Jersey accent in House.”

Robert A Martin says, “Hugh Laurie (Dr House).”

Cat Smith says, “It’s backwards, but Hugh Laurie is amazing. I would never know that he wasn’t American if I hadn’t seen him in interviews.”

Dave Gilbert ‏@WadjetEyeGames says, “Easy. Hugh Laurie in “House.” Me being a fan of “Jeeves & Wooster,” it’s so weird hearing him without his natural British accent”

Andrew Bates says, “Bob Hoskins in Roger Rabbit!”

Miranda (@tempesttossed) says, “Dick Van D**e!”

Claton Butcher says, “Sark on Alias.”

Jenn Henry says, “Steve Martin…all of them. The best of the worst European accents ever.”

Ingrid DeHaan says, “Kate Winslet has an amazing American accent. (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Titanic)”

Jamaule LM Hall says, “Tom Hardy, from several movies I like however I’ll choose him in Inception.”

Dana Bohanske says, “Patty Duke when she played herself and her identical cousin Cathy Lane in the Patty Duke show.”

Joe Rodriguez says, “Kevin McKidd on Grey’s Anatomy, you’d never know he’s a Scotsman.”

Duncan Stewart says, “Gillian Anderson from X files. Didn’t know she was British.”

Toni Orans Voice Over (aka T.O.V.O.) says, “Meryl Streep – one of the most amazing actors out there in terms of her authenticity with her craft, including her accent work!”

Meli Anderson says, “Meryl Streep.”

Judy Jetson says, “Daniel Davis– Niles the butler in The Nanny. Accent british, actor from mid -west.”

Laurel Hutchins says, “Thomas Simon Baker does a pretty good “American” on The Mentalist”


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