How to Concentrate (Audiobook audition)

Micro-goals are short-term, clear-cut objectives accomplished on a daily basis. These tasks are able to bridge the gap between an individual and successful productivity. If the main goal is to lose weight for example, just “lose weight” is too abstract and obscure to be an effective goal to strive to reach. It may even prove to be demotivating for the individual, leaving them feeling like a failure. But how much weight does this person want to lose? How will they do this? It is important to have both specific primary and micro-goals. Here is a good example of both: let’s say this person’s primary goal is to lose 6kg in 3 months. The definitive steps that person must undertake to do so are their micro-goals. Thus, this person’s micro-goals are to run 1km everyday while maintaining a daily diet of 1000 calories per meal.