• The entire Audition Preparation Program (described above)
  • Plus a 5-step Voiceover Demo, customized to your voice, vocal strengths, and interests
      • Step 1 = Private Script Preparation Session
      • Step 2 = Private Demo Recording Session
      • Step 3 = Demo Mix
      • Step 4 = Demo Mix Revisions
      • Step 5 = Demo Mastering

After you signup, we’ll get in touch to discuss your preferred schedule.


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Some people have related experience or natural talent and want to start auditioning right away. While professional training is important to success in starting voice acting careers,…

…One other thing, however, is virtually essential to voiceover auditioning.

A demo.

Clients expect professional voice actors to have at least one demo. Even if they listen only to your audition, and don’t listen to your demo, it raises eyebrows if you don’t have one. So, when you’re ready to record a high-quality demo, this comprehensive demo program is the right way to do it.

Edge Studio demo coaches, directors, and sound-design mixers are specifically expert in demo production. They are working VO professionals, experienced in direction, sound design, music bed selection, mixing, mastering, and – very important – knowledgeable in current demo practices and standards (including up-to-date choices of music). Demos produced at Edge Studio are known throughout the VO industry for their technical quality, performance honesty, and personal representation.

So, as the first step in this professional voiceover demo program, they work to make the demo uniquely yours.

The Edge Studio ‘Audition Prep Program, Plus Demo’ includes everything in the ‘Audition Prep Program’.  And also includes your voiceover demo.

This means you get the “Private Technique Drill session”, the “Private Audition Drill session”, the “Technique 101 Group Class”, the “Home Studio 101 Group Class”, and the “Audition 101 Group Class”, plus the recording and production of your demo.