This is more than a bunch of voiceover audition tips.  This is a personalized program, geared to identifying your strengths, developing your ability to present them, and demonstrating to audition screeners that you are a voiceover professional. Even more than that – prove you are the right voiceover professional for them.

After you sign up, we’ll get in touch to discuss your preferred schedule.


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This program is designed for voice actors who want to jump in and quickly begin winning auditions.

If you’re wanting to get your feet wet, get involved in the voice over auditions, and book voice over work, then this program is for you. You get three items, each taught by a voice over coach who specializes in auditions.

  • Private Session 1 – Audition Techniques
  • Private Session 2 – Audition Drills
  • Interactive Class – Audition 101; The Audition Process

This program usually pays for itself with your first successful audition.



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