Our Work

Edge Studio has worked on over 13,000 projects – casting, recording, editing, and mixing voiceover – in languages around the world – for Broadcast TV & radio, film & documentary, corporate & training, eLearning, animation, video games – for speakers, businesses, non profits, and numerous government agencies.

International Yacht Collection (IYC) Documentary – French

Clients come to Edge Studio for many reasons. One is when they need super accurate translation, localization, and dubbing into other languages, with high quality audio that syncs to their video. Like this example of an English-to-French project we produced on sailing. The beautiful visuals and a powerful soundtrack required pristine voice over narration with precise timing. Whether in multiple languages, accents, or even different dialects, Edge Studio has been dubbing films like this for decades. With special software that allows timing to be exact, a large voice over narrator library to select voices from, and our experienced teams, ADR projects like this always come together very well.