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Why We’re Different: Voice Over Training at Edge

If you’re thinking of pursuing voice over work, then you should definitely pursue the path that provides the most opportunities. For 33 years, Edge Studio has been that route to tens of thousands of students. Here’s why we’re different.

1.) Our values

We’re founded on the principle of personalized educational experiences and support services, structured to provide students with practical success and opportunities.

Come for a career, not a demo. You don’t go to college for a resume. You go for a career. Same here; You come to Edge Studio for a career. The demo is just one of the many tools you leave with to reach success.  

Benefit from a unique level of personalization. We believe in flexible paths, and lead students to uncover their most marketable genres based on a variety of factors. Because if the academic opportunities don’t serve their specific goals, they’ll never fully succeed. 

We’re live – like you. No two students have the same voice, goals, or interests. That’s why all training at Edge Studio is in real-time, with a live instructor. (We don’t subscribe to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ pre-recorded training programs concept.)

Get help overcoming obstacles. Sometimes life gets in the way, be it scheduling, locations, timing, and budget. Train in-person or remotely. Train days or nights. Financing is available (we use Affirm). If you want to do this, we’ll work with you.

2.) Academics

When you examine Edge Studio, and compare our academics with others, it’s clear why we’re different.

The diverse team of instructors who guide you.  Clearly this is the backbone to our program; Like a university, we’re a collection of established instructors, each with unique experiences. We share our collective skills and knowledge with you, culminating in a wealth of practical career know-how that will lead you to meaningful success and opportunities. No single coach can possibly do this.

Array of courses. Being successful requires knowledge in a variety of areas, which is why our course catalog and elective classes span an array of class titles – each instructed by a pro who specializes in the subject-matter and desires to give back to students.

Program guidance. Voice over is new for you. You’re likely to have questions. Which is why we have a team of Education Advisors happy to guide you. For some, this means hand-holding. For others, this means freedom to explore our courses on your own. We’ll lend an ear and a helping hand.

Career guidance. Consultations, assistance, mentoring; see us as your trustworthy friend – here to guide you, before, during, and after working within our program. Because some questions take experience to answer, such as, “How do I know when it’s time for me to move from part time to full time voice over work?” and “Think I’m ready to get an agent?” and “Do you think I have enough experience now to charge higher rates?”

Up-to-date knowledge. The collective knowledge of our team, and our determination to share it with you, keeps you on top of your career. Stick around with us … and you’ll keep sticking around the industry.

3.) Trust

Edge Studio is internationally recognized as a trusted leader in our industry, for voice over casting, production, recording, and education. Here’s why:

New students. The number of students who select our voice acting training and Demo Training Program conveys how positively the industry feels about us

Successful students. The number of students who come back for advanced courses, additional demos, and consultations conveys how successful our grads are.

Recognized and recommended. The number of agents, production studios, film companies, and media companies who recommend us conveys how well-trusted we are

Entry assessment

Every student here begins with a private evaluation or Investigate Voice Over class in which you read scripts. We listen for technique, marketability, and potential, and provide students with a concise assessment of where they’re at.

Checks & Balances. Your progress is continually monitored to ensure you’re moving in the right direction. From honest assessments, through program completion, we support and look-out for you.

4.) Support and social community

We support and promote community in our industry. It helps our students find more opportunities for success and feel inspired. It helps us stay connected with students and the industry, enabling us to continue providing the most relevant knowledge in our programs.  That’s why we’re different from most.

Here are some ways we support the voice over community:

Ask Me AnythingA biweekly free event open to the public to ask David Goldberg, our founder, any questions about the industry. An interactive live event on Zoom which is shared to the Edge Studio YouTube channel for voice actors of all types and skill levels.

Home Studio Show & TellA monthly Zoom meet-up for voice actors to see each others’ studios and exchange helpful information. Collective information helps everyone. Free and open to voice actors of all types and skill levels.

Practice Script Library. We visualized, created, and to-this-day maintain the world’s largest voice over Script Library to help students practice technique, auditioning, and develop ideas for demos. Free and open to voice actors of all types and skill levels.

Words-to-Time Calculator. Another one of our original ideas, we developed this wonderfully useful tool to help voice actors determine how long a recording will be. This is especially useful when providing an estimate to a client. Free and open to voice actors of all types and skill levels.

The Industry Rate Card. Because so many of our students began getting work, we created the first voice over rate card. Free and open to voice actors of all types and skill levels.

Student Spotlight Articles and Student Success Stories.  Newsletters with trending information, articles on successful students, and student spotlights. Free and open to voice actors of all types and skill levels. Join our mailing list and receive newsletters to stay up-to-date on all things Edge.

5.) Our history

Our founder, David Goldberg has been a vanguard in this industry for 33 years. And he’s still immersed in it today, active in day-to-day activities here at Edge Studio, regularly presenting to organizations, being interviewed about the industry, and always seeking better ways to lead our students to success.

Want to know more about Edge and find out for yourself why we’re different than any other voice over education experience? Check us out at, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 212-868-3343.