Voice Over Video Demo



Video demos work so much better when marketing; They’re amazing to post on socials.  They’re amazing to send to clients. They’re amazing to market on your website.  And they’re amazing to send to Agents.

Do (almost) nothing; All we’ll need is your demo, your info for the intro and outro, and that’s about it! We’ll get in touch.

Please call us about the following demos, because the price may be different, or we may not offer it:

  • Animation
  • Audiobook
  • Character
  • Gaming
  • Imaging

And no worries if one day you want to change your intro and outro, revisions are only $65.  Likewise if one day you want to change the video (for example, if you update your audio demo), a round of minor/reasonable revisions to your video demo is only $100.

And yay! Enjoy $100 off – it’s our happy launch price!  This makes it $295.  Good until May 31.


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