Yeah, Dave’s Livin in the Moment

From: Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment, by David Romanelli

Feeling and finding the spirit might not smooth out your wrinkles or tone your thighs but who ever said drinking from the fountain of youth was cosmetic surgery or an eight-week workout? Drinking is the key word here. Next time you drink a glass of wine, particularly a wine with some age, know that your greatest knowledge about wine is not the flavor or the region or the varietal or the olfactory notes. Your greatest knowledge of wine is that it ages well. If you can recall that message in every sip, you will be the ultimate aficionado, not of wine, but of life!

Examine the ultimate symbol of youth, a little baby and you’ll see the baby is free from doubt, fear and despair. Such negativity rusts our joints and erodes our dreams. The little baby is born as an advanced yogi with no effects from life’s friction. She can lift her foot to her mouth or cross her legs in the most flexible manner. Look in the baby’s eyes—they are strikingly similar to the eyes of a vibrant one-hundred-year-old man or a jubilant fifty-seven-year-old woman. What they share is enthusiasm: Enthusiasm to taste. Enthusiasm to seek. Enthusiasm to dream. And as John Barrymore said, “ You don’t age until your regrets outnumber your dreams.”