The Honey Baked Ham Bees

Bee 1: Hi we’re bees.

Bee 2: And we’re mad!

Bee 1: Here’s the deal. You buy Honey Baked Ham.

Bee 2: You love Honey Baked Ham!

Bee 1: But here’s our beef with this whole Honey Baked Ham thing.

Bee 2: Go ahead, tell ’em!

Bee 1: You talk about the spiral cut

Bee 2: Fine.

Bee 1: You talk about the three generations of traditions.

Bee 2: Also fine.

Bee 1: And you go way nuts over the great honey taste

Bee 2: And that, our human friends, is where the trouble begins.

Bee 1: Yeah, ’cause where did the Honey Baked Ham people get the idea for the great honey taste? HUH?

Bee 2: Yeah, where? FROM BEES! You MORONS!

Bee 1: But have you ever thanked a bee?

Bee 2: Have you ever gone up to a bee and said, “Hey, you bee, thanks for inspiring the great taste of Honey Baked Ham.”

Bee 1: No, you haven’t!

Bee 2: You never thanked us, yet you enjoy Honey Baked Ham on Holidays, at Super Bowl Parties, your kids graduation, birthdays…

Bee 1: Whatever!!! You love it. You enjoy it. But you never thank us.

Bee 2: And YOU wonder why… we STING!

ANNCR: Honey Baked Ham…. The Number One Ham in America!