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Edge Studio’s Intro Package has consistently been the quickest way for people to begin getting voice over work – in animation, commercial, narration, and 23 other genres.

It’s perfect if you’re new to VO and want to find out if it’s for you – and want to dip your toes in without going overboard. It can lead to booking work.

And the evaluation portion is honest, the personalized plan is practical. We’re here to help. And that’s why this class is likely the most recommended class in the voice over industry.

Benefits of the Intro Package (which include a Group Evaluation Class)

  • This is a realistic representation of the voiceover environment in which the voice actor reads scripts, the client listens, directs, and gives feedback remotely (or in the case of our in-person classes in NYC or LA from the other side of the booth!)
  • Observing other students helps you develop your “ear.” Voiceover performance is approached in various ways, depending on each student’s personal nature, ability, and other factors — as you’ll see when other members of the class read.
  • More than that, you will learn by observing the other students’ response to direction. You learn by taking direction yourself, but you learn even more by hearing the changes other people make.
  • Ultimately, you’ll learn how to incorporate that insight into your own delivery.
  • The group class is economical, longer, and just as productive.

The Group Evaluation Class portion of the Intro Package is offered:

  • Online on a Zoom-webinar – with a live instructor
  • In New York City, at the Edge Studio voiceover casting and production studios in Midtown Manhattan
  • In Los Angeles, at our partner studio, Voice Trax West

During your class:

  • Get an overview of the modern voice over industry
  • Read for a coach and receive live feedback
  • Receive a follow-up call with a member of our team to discuss the areas of voice over where we think you would be most marketable, as well as give you a recommendation on what steps we believe will be most optimal for you to take to become successful.

The purpose of this class is to provide you with a road map for your training, so make sure you get the most out of your time with Edge Studio.

Here’s why thousands of people choose to train with Edge Studio beginning with the Group Evaluation Class:

  • Live training- We believe that live interaction with coaches and instructors is the best way to learn a new skill
  • Train from anywhere- We specialize in training students remotely
  • A wide array of continuing education opportunities that will teach you how to market yourself, build a home studio, develop your business plan, and work on your vocal technique
  • Private training with working professionals
  • Dedicated Education Advisors who will take you through every step of the process
  • A flexible schedule based on your availability
  • The most successful demos in the voice over market today

In this highly interactive class
, you will work in a small group setting – with one of our Edge Studio Instructors, either Online via Zoom, or in-person at our New York City or Los Angeles studio.

You’ll read voiceover scripts, be directed, have Q&A time, and have a private discussion with our team (the next day or so) to review your assessment, recommendations, and suggested next steps to take.

Special: Join now and get this bonus:  Get 1 month of amazing Zoom Group Voice Workouts! It’s a great way to get started on your voiceover journey. After your class, you’ll speak with your Education Advisor and receive all of this information as part of the follow-up process.

This free month includes:

  • 2 Audition Drill & Rehearsal Sessions, with David Goldberg
  • 2 Career Guidance Q&A Sessions, with David Goldberg
  • 2 Peer-led Voice Workouts, with Erica Brookhyser
  • 2 Instructor-led Voice Workouts, with Ashley Adler
  • 2 VO Marketing Accountability Team Sessions, with Brian Wiggins

You can read more about the Unlimited Program here!

Edge Studio has been launching successful voice over careers for over 30 years. Our training program and demo production is considered to be the best in the voice over industry for both beginners and seasoned professionals. If you are interested in launching your voice over career, Edge Studio is the perfect place for you to start.

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  1. I had this intro class with Ashley and I am SO glad that I did! She is energetic, informative, and realistic about the V.O. world. She gave legitimate feedback to each individual student, and helped us figure out which niche would be best for each of us. The students were also just as passionate about V.O. which helped make this class such an amazing introduction. Everyone had multiple opportunities to get behind the mic and try out different scripts while receiving immediate feedback and direction. Absolutely recommend!!

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  2. When I first took this webinar I had NO prior voice-over experience, this class gave me an outlook into the voice world and I have been hooked since!

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  3. I took a group session with Mr. Art and he was just wonderful. He made his points very clear and kept the class engaged with wisdom of the industry.

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  4. I’m glad the group class was available! Art was casual and encouraging but also realistic and specific with his feedback of group members. I definitely want someone who will be direct and clear in the feedback so that I can get where I want to go. Thanks Edge Studio!

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  5. moderator was energetic and informative. Made the class so much fun

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