Teddy II

Teddy was a good dog. Teddy was a smart dog. Smart enough to look both ways before crossing the street. We had Teddy from a pup, and we loved him as much as he loved us. Teddy was our pet. A full-blooded Shepherd, he was a natural protector, in fact…he ended up in the Army, but I’m getting way ahead of my story.

Mr. Boney owned the general store. He was a large, older, grumpy man. “I won’t get no customers wit dat dog out dere !” he’d shout, but our town was so small, there really were no customers for Teddy to scare away. We never knew that Mr. Boney really did like us, especially my brothers. Just before leaving town, as I was putting gas in the car, I remember him saying: “Ah shore misses dem boyses.” I stood there with my mouth open, shocked. My five brothers would be even more shocked than I was.