Have you ever needed a convenient place to change and there is no place close by? Now there is a convenient solution. S***p-N- Tote. No more jumping in a cramped back seat to change, no more searching for a beach restroom. Campsites, boats, beaches, ski slopes and locker rooms are no longer taboo places to change clothes. Even changing after work before your next destination has never been easier.

The S***p-n- Tote is a Utility Changing Bag designed to carry any and all of your outdoor sports and camping needs. The tote is large enough for all your clothes, equipment and even a full size beach towel.

The specialization of the S***p-n-Tote is that it doubles as a cover-up for easy, convenient changing. With the S***p-n-Tote, there’s no writhing around in the back seat to change, and no searching for the nearest beach restrooms. Campsites, boats, river rafting let outs, beaches, ski slopes, swimming events and even gym locker rooms will no longer be a taboo place for changing clothes.