Revo pastry bag

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You’ve certainly used cloth piping bags in the past, only to find that they tear during use. With disposable piping bags, you often end up with batter, cream or icing spilling over the edges or leaking through the piping tip!
Your hands, not to mention the counter, are covered, and you’ve had enough of the mess!

The solution
Whether you’re an amateur pastry chef, a beginner in the kitchen or a full-fledged professional, the REVO PASTRY BAG will quickly become your trusty sidekick as you learn to create your very own shapes, garnishes and fillings.

The REVO PASTRY BAG is a revolutionary addition to the kitchen. Envisioned by a renowned pastry chef, the REVO PASTRY BAG boasts an array of highly-innovative features.

A set of interchangeable professional-quality tips and a patented system of sealing grooves that prevents liquid and semi-liquid from leaking

An adaptable silicone layer which is thicker at the bag’s narrow point for better handling, and thinner at the upper part for greater flexibility

A double sealing system that can be adapted how you like. A small elastic band designed to give the bag professional quality support, and a sliding bar than can be used to roll the bag like a tube of mayonnaise

A special holder helps keep the bag in the perfect position during use.

A manufacturer of silicone molds since 1987, this pastry professional has selected the best quality silicones on the market
Odorless; can withstand temperatures of -40°C to + 240°C.

Easy to maintain, the REVO PASTRY BAG is highly-resistant, environmentally-friendly, re-useable and dishwasher-safe.

The REVO PASTRY BAG comes with a recipe book that is sure to inspire as you create base preparations.

The book will prove most useful for:
• Easy embellishment of macaroons, choux pastries and eclairs.
• Even and consistent filling of pastries, such as mini-cakes in a silicone mold, verrines, chocolate fillings, eclairs, pastry rings, etc.
• Decorating cupcakes, mini-tarts, frosted cream puffs or serving plates.

Become a master pastry chef, chocolatier or cook by outfitting your kitchen with the indispensable REVO PASTRY BAG, for the ultimate in creative satisfaction.

The REVO PASTRY BAG is a product of “Hometech”